emery energy



Benjamin D. Phillips, MBA
President & CEO

Ben Phillips is one of the founders of Emery Energy Company and has actively led the financing and investment requirements necessary to develop Emery’s gasification and syngas cleaning technologies. He has nearly 15 years of experience in the field of Gasification ranging from economic assessments of IGCC, Coal & Biomass to Liquids (C/BTL) systems as well as plant design, construction and operations.  He has been a guest lecturer at University of Utah and Salt Lake Community College and has chaired Utah’s Cleantech Innovation Awards panel. Prior to working in the energy industry, Ben worked for an Engineering firm based in New York which focused on transportation planning, civil engineering and urban planning.  Ben holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Land Planning from Utah State University and Masters of Business Administration from the University of California at Berkeley and Columbia University in New York.


Robert Davis
Principal Engineer

Dr. Robert S. Davis holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry and a Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering from Cal Tech.  Additionally, he received a Doctor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and took a minor in Business Administration at Sloan School of Business Management.  He has been involved in developing and managing fluidized bed technology for biomass and coal projects for nearly forty years. Dr. Davis has also developed computer system applications in the field of chemical engineering.




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