emery energy

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  • Emery’s Bubbling Fluidized Bed (E-BFB).  This E-BFB technology has been deployed commercially at a range of project sizes from 30 to 1,000 tons/day using wood, agricultural residues and lignite coal.  Over 20 additional feedstocks, including municipal solid waste (MSW), have undergone testing in a process development unit and have resulted in other active development-stage proejcts related to MSW, poultry litter and bio-solids gasification.  The E-BFB technology can be configured for atmospheric or pressurized aplications for heat/power and power/fuels respectively.
  • Emery's Indirectly Heated Bubbling Fluid Bed (H-BFB) gasifier produces nitrogen-free syngas without the need for a pure oxygen source.  This technology has been demonstrated at 10 tons/day on biomass feedstocks and is now under development for coal and other feedstocks.
  • Emery’s FlexFeed™ Reactor Technology is a hybrid concept that merges fixed-bed gasification principles with entrained-flow gasification elements. The FlexFeed™ Reactor Technology has been partially demonstrated at a 10 ton/day pilot plant with funding and support from the U.S. Dept. of Energy Bioenergy Program and the State of Wyoming's Clean Coal investment program with initial testing on wood, sub-bituminous coal and coal/biomass blends.  This same technology can also be configured to produce bio-oil and biochar.




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